Tandem Buggying

Tandem Buggying
(Wooo Hooo !)

How come Fred Flinstone never had this problem!
This is an example of how tandem
buggying is not to be done

Tandem Safety Tips

When taking others (especially younger children) in the tandem buggy it's a good idea to take note of some basic safety precautions and revise these with them.

1. Do NOT try to go backwards with two buggies attached as you cannot steer the trailing buggy and may end up riding over the legs of your passenger. If the buggy should accidentally start to reverse, tell them to make sure their hands and feet are well in the buggy.

2. Make sure your passenger keeps their hands inside the buggy, and warn them to be careful not to grab hold of the  outer bars too far forward as when turning, the rear wheel from the first buggy can rub against the frame of the second buggy - right where you would naturally reach to grab on with your hands.

3. Keep feet well in to the centre of the foot pegs, once again so it keeps distance from the rear wheels of the front buggy.

4. Do wear a helmet. A multi-impact inline skating helmet will suit just fine.


Tandem buggying as the name suggests is self explanatory.

It is where 2 buggies are joined together and then they are both powered under the same kite. Tandem buggying can be done in a number of ways.

1. The front buggier flying the kite. This is by far the easiest method however it does mean you have to take care that you don't turn too tightly as the front buggy can end up riding over the back buggy. (Ouch!) Also, it is difficult to steer while going backwards... actually it is impossible to steer while you are going backwards.

2. The back buggier flying the kite - you must have good communication as the front buggier would be steering.


3. Both buggiers flying kites, this method requires good synchronization as it can end up with one kite flying between the lines of the other.


Finally, we got the tandem kit to join our 2 buggies together. It's a small stainless steel U-Shaped clamp that fits onto the back axle of the front buggy and attaches to the front fork of the trailing buggy, where the front wheel would go.

Our kit consists of 2 Flexifoil Original Buggies, the tandem kit, and our kite power consists of a Flexifoil Blade 3.3, a Sky Tiger Hi 40, Sky Tiger 40, Sky Tiger 26 and a 6M Predator (for the moment).

You can read a reviews of the buggies and engines   on the Kite Reviews page.

Some of these photos were taken at Glenwood Park, MD, and the others were taken down at Hospital Point in Annapolis, MD on the Naval Academy base. There's a nice field there (it's not too big) and not many people around (at least this time of year). The view of all the yachts sailing around is great too.

The wind was strong and gusty (about 15-20 mph) so for starters we  put up the SkyTiger 26. It was strong enough to pull the two of us together at a decent speed.

Unfortunately there was no-one around to take a pic of the two of us :-(  ... Check back sometime!

More to follow....... in the meantime here are a few pics to enjoy.


The tandem kit
This is the tandem kit.
Not much to it.


Attached to the back axle
The tandem kit attached


Close up of the tandem attachment
Close up of the attachment



tandemkit3.jpg (235428 bytes)
2nd Buggy attached

and Scott's finger

am-hood.jpg (62476 bytes)
Hello there, my name's Anne Marie and I'm going to be your buggy pilot today - I'm not crazy... honest

buggiesandpilot.jpg (46171 bytes)
These are our 2 Flexifoil buggies
tandembuggies.jpg (59852 bytes)
2 Buggies joined together with the tandem kit.
Five wheels are better than 3.
tandem1.jpg (32641 bytes)
First attempt with the tandem kit
tandem2.jpg (30226 bytes)
These Buggies run just fine
tandem3.jpg (27013 bytes)
The engine of the day was the SkyTiger 26 - winds 15-20 mph. Combined weight about 300 lbs
pillionview1.jpg (51485 bytes)
View from the pillion seat!
hangon.jpg (31292 bytes)
Hang on, we're going to turn here
pillionview2.jpg (28916 bytes)
Yeow!! This is fun

All photos were taken with the Kodak DC120 Digital Camera

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