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Kite Surfing

Photo by Stephen Whitesell
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Another aspect of kite flying is kite surfing which is quickly becoming popular with wave and wind surfers alike.

What is Kite Surfing? It is the ability to water ski or surf harnessing the power of the kite for traction.

The benefits of kite surfing over other forms of surfing is that

1) you don't need waves to surf
2) you can kite surf in lower wind speeds than you can with a wind surfer and the kite flies in cleaner wind.
3) the kite can also be used for other forms of traction kiting


When turning the kite it pulls upward enabling the kite surfer and board to be pulled into the air. To quote Eric Suaret "... it's a piece of cake to pivot the board and then you're off in the other direction. The acceleration is fantastic."


Photo by Stephen Whitesell


The concept of kite surfing - or fly surf as it is called in the European countries has been around since the 70's, but it was not until the early 90's that the true kite surf equipment was made available to the general masses.

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