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Kite Plans & Links

This page is here is just a small compilation of links for making power kites and buggies. There are many plans to be found out on the internet and if you're looking for single and dual line plans then maybe a good place to start is here or the plans page at Peter Peter's site.

Foil Design
Foil design


Dominator - plans by Henry Kaulk
Eliminator - 2-6M range of traction foils

- traction design software
High AR
- Gene Matocha's design site
- Eugene Visser
The Traction Kite Design Zone
Design Theory
of dual line traction foils
Airfoil Design
Buggy Plans


The Slow Brain -  Sylvian Bouju
Stainless Steel Buggy
- Frans Nijhuis
The QR (Quick Release) Buggy
- Gene Matocha
Eliminator Buggy

Some other buggy plans on the net


Nasa Para Wing
Nasa Para Wing


Art & Flywork - Peter De Jong
The Enhanced Nasa Wing
(Nasa Para Wing Model 5)


  Trident - single skin traction kite
Books This list of books is by no means complete. These are just the few I think will be of help in making your own kite for traction purposes.


Stunt Kites I Stunt Kites I - Servaas van der Horst / Nop Velthuizen
ISBN 90-6868-052-8

Plan for the Speedfoil (like a Flexifoil).

Stunt Kites II Stunt Kites II - Servaas van der Horst / Nop Velthuizen
ISBN 90-6868-085-4

Plans for various foils, buggies, boats, harness etc.

Soft Kites & Windsocks - Jim Rowlands Soft Kites And Windsocks -  Jim Rowlands
ISBN 0-312-08966-X

Excellent info on sewing foils and rigging.