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Kite Jumping

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Kite jumping is a sport that is extremely dangerous and is one of the forms of power kiting that should not be attempted without taking the necessary safety precautions.

I guess the best safety precaution is "Don't Do It!". But if you must ktiejump, wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads, do it over soft sand or grass (preferably water), because you can have a hard landing. Just be sensible! 


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These photos were sent by Damien Soong and were taken of his brother Andrew jumping using 2 8' Flexifoils and 1 10' Flexifoil stacked together.

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Jumping over the sun. Bet you never thought a kite could get you this high!

Julien jumping at Pornichet beach in France.
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Kite Jump injury


Injury sustained from kite jumping. Related Links

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