The G-Con Sky Surfer


Before getting into kiting we always needed to have light windless days to take the Sky Surfer out for a ride.

This is a battery operated remote controlled scale model of a paramotor, and is a load of fun.

The wind range should really be less than 3mph but can fly in winds up to 10mph. The only problem is that when the wind starts to get up the surfer dude tends to swing and sway all over the place.

The Sky Surfer

Sky Surfer and RC Unit

We have 2 battery packs - which each give about 5 minutes and 10 minutes of motor time. Once you take the surfer high up you can then cut the motor allowing the surfer to glide around.

Surfing through the evening sky


It's easy to launch the Sky Surfer. Just a smooth graceful launch sends it flying off into the air. Take it away bro...



Attaching the bridle lines to the unit. These are attached to the servo controls, for steering the sky surfer.


Sky Surfer Mods

Here are some pictures of the PROTOTYPE Sky Surfer engine conversion. It uses an 0.7 (1.1cc) engine and can stay up for about 20 minutes, then its just a case of refuel and off you go again! The motor still has speed control, there is no cutting or drilling of the sky surfer so it can be converted back to electric if required. It flies really well and is a little more powerful than the electric motor which is useful at times

If you are interested in purchasing or would like more information on this conversion kit send an email to Steve at


Many people have written to ask me where to buy the Sky Surfer so I thought I'd add a bit more info. I bought this one from Hamleys Toy Store, Regent Street, London.

The UK distributor is Ripmax



The another place I've ever seen it on the net is a Dutch kite store called Aetos - you can check this page for some info on the Sky Sufer.

In the UK you can try Hobby Stores in St Albans, England.
Phil Greeno Models (Harrow) Tel 0208 866 7770.
Peter Shindler - 07666 761473
Sussex Model Centre

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