The Complete Buggy Tricks Guide


OK, so you've got your buggy and you've learned how to go forward, turn corners, make it up wind, but what next?

Listed below are the descriptions for the complete guide of buggy tricks for the "Hard Core" buggier.

Spin Tricks
   Other Spin tricks
Ledges/Banks/Faces etc


Reverse: to travel backward
Backward: to travel in reverse
Reverse down wind turn: (frontside back to back) To ride backward, turn around frontside then ride off backward in the other direction.
Reverse upwind turn: (backside back to back) To ride backward, turn around backside then ride off backward in the other direction.

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Power slide: to slide with the rear wheels sliding toward the kite.
Broad slide: to slide with the rear wheels sliding away from the kite.
Fish tailing: to slide the back end from side to side as you are travelling along.
Sliding in reverse: to slide the buggy while moving backwards.

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Classic wheelstand: the wheel away from the kite is in the air and the rider is leaning towards the kite.
Kiteside Stand: kitesides involve leaning away from the kite with the wheel facing the kite up in the air. These stands can be hard to learn but they are the most satisfying.
Reverse wheelstand: a wheelstand while travelling backward.
Slapping: to slap a wheel down and raise it up again while wheelstanding.
Cudby slap: to alternate from Classic to Kiteside wheelstand and back.
Riding Point: to do a tip drag with the kite during a wheelstand.
Wheelstand slides: to slide sidewars while on 2 wheels.
Wheelbarrow: to get both back wheels off the ground. (Recovery trick).
Peg Stand: to stand on the pegs with your rear out of the seat. (sometimes a recovery trick).
Tightrope: A wheelstand along a raised obstacle (curb, cliff, log, bank) with the raised wheel hanging over the edge.

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The Spin: to spin while in contact with the ground
The Twister: to spin while off the ground (see jumping section)
Backside: is when the back wheels are rotated towards the wind and away from the kite.
Frontside: is when the front wheel is rotated towards the wind and the back wheels towards the kite.

Backside 180: to spin the buggy from forward to backwards with the back wheels rotating towards the wind.
Frontside 180: to spin the buggy frontside from forward to backward with the back wheels rotation towards the kite.
Backside Revert: to spin the buggy backside from backward to frontward.
Frontside Revert: to spin the buggy frontside from backward to forward.

Classic 360: to travel forward and spin backside 360 and ride off forward.
Frontside 360: to travel forward, spin frontside 360 and ride off forward.
Reverse Frontside 360: to go backward, spin around 360 frontside and ride off backward.
Reverse Backside 360: To go backward then spin around 360 backside and ride off backwards.
Back to Front: To travel backward, do a 360, and finish up travelling off forward in the direction you came from.
Backside Front to Back: to travel forward and do a 360 that results in you travelling reverse in the direction you came from.
Frontside Front to Back: A frontside 180 followed by a backside back to back.

Front to Front
: A 540 spin that starts with the rider travelling forward and finishes travelling forward in the direction he/she came from.
Multiple Spins: It is possible to do multiple 180's and 360's. A 540 is a great way to change from forward to backward or vice versa.

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Hill Climbing: Climbing up hills can be just as much fun as going down if there is adequate kite power.
Down Hill (Bombing): Down hill runs are one of the easiest froms of radical hard core. Once a hill has been climbed it must be decended and with the aid of gravity this is very easy.

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The Drop Off: to roll down a vertical/steep face.
Elevator Drop: to jump down a vertica/steep face.
The Grind: to grind the lip of a curb or ledge. This is a skateboard influenced trick and a fun way of destroying small ledges.
Curb Jumps: To jump straight off a curb or ledge.
Bashing the Lip: To climb up a vertical curb or ledge.
The Wall Ride: To ride along the side of a steep face as opposed to climbing or dropping it.

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A skiing term. Very humpy bumpy areas.

Low Moguls: are humps and hollows found close to the water line at the beach.
High Moguls: are raised rough bumpy areas, usually found in the dunes.
Grand Moguls (Le Grande Mogul): large raised pointy shaped dunes often created by the planting of exotic grasses. Grand Moguls are usually an area filled with humps that have tracks and flat areas between them. There are often pipes and bowls in this sort of area.

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Elevator Drop: to leave the ground while descending a vertical/steep drop.
Bombing Runs (downhill): When doing fast downhill runs in a rough terrain it is fairly easy to do long jumps over mounds and humps.
Curb Jumps: to jump off a curb or a ledge.
Ramp Jumps: to jump off the ground using an incline to gain height.
Swing Jumps: to jump off the ground in a buggy and swing up off the ground like a pendulum using the power of the kite to hold you and the momentum of the buggy to swing up off the ground.
The Hook: Advanced technique often becomes a twister.
The Surge: Advanced technique often becomes a twister. Surge jumping is currently only an option if overpowered. This is the last trick before changing to a smaller kite.
Twister: to spin around in the air while jumping in a buggy.
180 - Twist, 360 - Full Twister, 360 plus - Tornado.

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The GuideDetailed instructions on how to perform these tricks can be found in
"The Guide To Western Circuit Hard Core Kite Buggy Riding"

Courtesy of "The Guide To Western Circuit hard Core kite Buggy Riding."
                        Charlie Watson, A Kiwi Kite NZ.

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