A Weeny Bit About Me

Super Cool me

Hi there, I'm Jo, the owner of this website. That's me above.

I was born and raised in Trinidad. So yes, I am a West Indian... a true true Trini.

Some of my hobbies, besides kite flying are:-

>Playing the guitar, just got a drum kit too
>Freshwater planted aquariums
>Fiddling around with various software packages
>Astronomy (not to be confused with astrology)

simon-guildford.jpg (19673 bytes) These are my 2 baby boys.

Their names are Guildford (top) named after where I used to live in England and Simon (he's the black one).



All the photos on this site were taken with the Kodak DC120, which I bought around April 98.

To the Kodak web site

To see a good selection of photos check out the buggy pics or the festival pages.

I've now managed to get a lens kit, which consists of wide angle, super telephoto and close up lenses for this camera. I'll be experimenting with them soon. Maybe I'll try some astro photography too.

Besides kite flying I enjoy twanging on one of my guitars and trying to make a bit of music.
Custom 22CE 22Hollowbody I

For a complete list of my gear click here

Guitar collection

Some members of my family...
2 Ovations, 2 Yamahas and 1 Takamine also, not shown are my PRS
's (Paul Reed Smith) guitars. Click on the pic above to see my full gear list. - nice collection eh? The sort of stuff that I like to play is Rush, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, The Who, Heart etc.

Roland Studio V Drums *nice*
studiodrums.jpg (103300 bytes)

Also add a CB drum kit to the collection

Other toys include a Zoom 1010 effects processor and a Boss DR5 drum machine which has some great sounding instruments programmed into it.

Now I just need a decent digital multitrack recorder to replace my old Yamaha MT-50 4-track cassette recorder. Any donations????