Designed by Charles Ludwig, The Sanibel 17/18 Sailboat from Captiva Yachts was originally known as the Skipper's Mate and made by Southern Sails, Inc. Then it was built by the Commodore Yacht Corporation and known as the Commodore 17. Sanibel 17, Sanibel 18, Captiva Yachts sail boat, sail boats, sanibel, captiva, captiva yachts, skippers mate, southern sails inc, commodore, commodore yacht corporation, sail, sailing, terminology, trailer, jib, yacht, how to sail, small boats, annapolis, chesapeake, kites, power kites, kite buggying, kite sailing, 



n. soft mild gentle wind or breeze. [f, F zéphyr or f. L f. Gk zephuros (god of the) west wind]

This boat is a 1988 Sanibel 18 made by Captiva Yachts. It's currently outfitted with a 5hp outboard engine and bimini hood. Hopefully we shall be able to keep track of it's progress through the pages of this site.


Sanibel 18 by Captiva Yachts

Sanibel 18

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